Welcome to the Updates! If you have visited the site in the past, you will find here what was added since your last visit. The site is regularly updated with infos and photos, as they become available. You can help too by sharing some infos, photos, bits and pieces. Items not used right away are put on files until more infos become available. Questions? E-mail the webmaster!

March 11, 2015: The FB-111A commnunity lost another good man! Charles J Searock, Jr., Lieutenant General, USAF (retired), age 78, died March 3, 2015 in Oklahoma City. Read his obituary here. Our condoleances to his family!

January 28, 2015: Informations about the upcoming 2015 reunion have been updated! Check it out and make your plans now! Click here to get the latest infos!

December 23, 2014: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

November 4, 2014: Once in a while, I discover a new name to put in the FB-111A names and nose-arts list . "Juneau's Toy" was once FB-111A 68-0244 with the 380th BMW. Also a new FB-111A plastic model built for Robert Chapman, ex-crew chief with the 509th OMS at Pease AFB, NH, 1980-1985.

July 10, 2014: More infos about the 2015 FB-111 reunion to be held in Dayton, Ohio, in September 2015. New dates!

June 22, 2014: FB-111A.net visited the new Plattsburgh Air Force Base Museum. The Museum is operated by the Battle of Plattsburgh Association and focusses on the forty years of U.S. Air Force presence in Plattsburgh. Click here to see some photos of the museum and various displays.

May 11, 2014: 2015 FB-111 Reunion Plans. The next FB-111 Reunion will be held in Dayton, Ohio, 12-15 September 2015.  We are well into the planning stage with activities to include a tour of the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force including a Behind-the-Scenes look at the restoration area, Golf outing, Aviation Heritage Tour, a shopping trip, and the opportunity to fly a replica of the Wright B Flyer.  The Saturday evening banquet will be held at the museum, surrounded by aircraft in the Southeast Asia War/Korean War Galleries.  Lodging will be at the Holiday Inn Dayton/Fairborn.  Additional details and registration information will be posted at this site in the coming months.  See you in Dayton!

April 24, 2014: "It is with heavy heart and heartfelt sorrow, I have to tell you that a close friend of mine and fellow FB-111 crew member, Richard Nowicki, died of brain cancer at his daughter's home at the Presidio in San Francisco.  He slipped away right between the time of the stars and the moon and the dawn on Good Friday morning.  Rich was an amazing man, who had an amazing life and made a positive mark in the world.  From protecting our country during Vietnam and the Cold War, helping bring GPS to the world, raising two children that adored him, and embarking on so many fun action packed adventures.  He loved flying, flying in the FB-111, and the people he flew with on a daily basis, this was a dream come true.  He was one of the few people that was stationed at both Pease and Plattsburgh AFB as a member of all four squadrons.  He loved talking about the good times in the airplane and the people he met along the way. Everyone who has ever known him could tell he was a very loved man who truly lived a fulfilled life.  He brought a great deal of love into the world and to his family. Rich was not the first of our crew members that was taken by brain cancer, John Miller, Bob Post, Denny Cole and two others also gotten brain cancer. Genevieve said she would love to be a resource for anyone with this disease. Per his wishes, the family will have his body cremated with the remains split between the family crypt and his favorite places.  He asked his friends to spread his ashes on the many mountain campsites they visited every year." (Tom Larkin)

January 16, 2014: Thanks to Facebook, I have made new contacts and received new material that will be used on the website for all to enjoy. Once again, I would like to invite everyone who has any kind of infos and/or pics to contact the webmaster. David Suther sent me many pics taken by his dad, Col. John Suther, while serving in different positions in the 509th BMW between 1976 and 1981. Click here to see Col. John Suther's photo album.

December 17, 2013: It's that time of the year again! Happy Holidays to all ex-SAC warriors and other visitors to the website. Don't forget to visit the FB-111A.net page on Facebook as well! If by chance, you should come across some old stuff from your SAC days in Plattsburgh and/or Pease AFB, contact the webmaster if you wish to share your stuff on the website.

September 18, 2013: A small update to the website has been done! Not much new information and/or photos are provided and therefore updates will be far and between. The Facebook page has a great success and more people are following it. This month, I have updated the Display page with new photos discovered on the net. In particular, I just found out that 69-6507 was recently painted and given a funny green and grey color scheme! Click here to see 69-6507 in its new colors.

July 30, 2013: A new item has beed finally added to the FB-111A.net shop! Due to popular demand, an FB-111A sticker (aka Zap) is now on sale in the shop. The item is 3" wide and features the FB-111A shield. Price is $5. for 2 and includes postage. Ordering instructions are here.

May 13, 2013: News about the upcoming reunion in September 2013! If you are planning on attending the reunion on St Pete Beach, 12-15 September 2013, please go to the site and either register online or
(download) print the paper registration form, fill it out, and mail it to Mike Lock with your check.
If you are interested in going to a Tampa Bay Rays vs Boston Red Sox game on the evening of the 12th, please let me know and I will see about getting a special rate in a special area, depending, of course, on how many are interested.

April 21, 2013: Finally received a copy of 'One-Eleven Down', a book about F-111 crashes and losses. Click here to learn more about the book and a 'must have' in your library!

March 31, 2013: At the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Battle of Plattsburgh Association held on Wednesday, March 20th, 2013, a motion to authorize the formation of a new  business unit to be known as the “Plattsburgh Air Force Base Museum” was presented and approved; appropriate documents have been forwarded to the NYS Dept. of State for registration and filing. An organizational meeting for those interested in participating in the formation and volunteering for service with the new museum will be held on Wednesday, 3 April 2013 at 7pm at the Association’s Press Republican Theater in the War of 1812 Museum at 31 Washington Road. For additional information contact Keith Herkalo at (518) 420-7404 or by email at kherkalo@charter.net. FB-111A.net (Philippe Colin) will be attending!

March 19, 2013: Thomas 'TJ' Johnson shares with us some of his photos taken when he was flying with the 529th BMS at Plattsburgh AFB. In addition more of his photos are now posted through the website. A special page for aircraft 69-6509 'Spirit of the Seacoast', now on display at Whiteman AFB, MO., has been added here.

March 5, 2013: We are sad to bring some bad news to the 111 community, but Major Ed MacNeil, the Ancient Aviator, has taken the “High Flight". Ed, died on January 31st, 2013, of an aortic aneurism at Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, Florida. Briefly, they were at the Blue Angel Navy Recreation Area on the outskirts of Pensacola, FL in their RV on their way to New Orleans. Ed started feeling poorly and finally told Helen to call 911 for help. He was air lifted out to the hospital where he died later on the operating table. Ed served in the USAF for 27 years, 7 months, and 4 days until “relieved from active duty” effective 31 July 1984. He served proudly as enlisted, then as an officer. He and Helen married March 5, 1960. She says that he would gladly have returned to the Air Force at a moment’s notice. Ed loved the United States of America and flew its flag proudly. He loved the Air Force and flying. He always said he couldn’t believe they actually paid him to fly. A Celebration of Life service will be held at Christ Church, 43 Pine Street, Exeter, NH 03833 on April 20th at 10 a.m. The Episcopal church does not use flowers, other than their regular altar flowers, at these services. Instead of flowers, please consider a donation to Granite State Flight #53, PO Box 8531, Portsmouth, NH 03802-8531, with a memo: ‘For scholarship fund’; or to your local high school scholarship fund. Ed was an active member of Flight #53, which is a part of the national Fraternal Organization for Daedalions which gives scholarships each year to students who are considering a military aviation future. (www.daedalians.org for more info). The 111 community will truly miss Ed.

February 12, 2013: Photos from the 380th MMS have been added in Mike Sanchez's Photo Album. Mike was a member of Team Plattsburgh during Giant Sword 1981, 1982 and 1983. And please, sign the new guestbook so others can reach you!

January 7, 2013: Best wishes for 2013 to all! Enjoy the website and the Facebook page!

December 17, 2012: A new guestbook has been set up on the site! Still trying to recover past entries from the previous one. The Ops Room has been reactivated as well! Go ahead and take a look around.

December 11, 2012: Happy Holidays to all! A recent lack of free time has prevented me from working more on the site and updating it. Earlier this year, the guestbook was lost and all entries as well. Hopefully, we'll have a new one in January 2013.

September 12, 2012: Plans are for a 2013 FB111 Reunion to take place in Florida. More infos on this link. The FB-111A.net Gallery has been updated again with more images recently acquired from various sources. 158 photos are now in the gallery!

September 5, 2012: LtCol Ted Anderson (USAF Retired) passed away on 31 August 2012.  Ted was one of the original instructors in the 9th Bomb Squadron at Carswell AFB.  He was a KC-97 Navigator before going to B-52's and then on to FB-111's at Carswell.  After leaving Carswell he went to Pease as the Chief of Bomb/Nav.  He was a cool guy under fire and will be sorely missed.

August 4, 2012: Over the past few months, FB-111A.net has acquired many new photos of FB-111A in the form of color slides. Thanks to a local friend of mine, I was able to get a slide of 68-0246 taken during the RAF Strike Command bombing and navigation competition held in April 1971. This was a great catch for the archives! A new story has been added in the Storybook! About FBs on alert at Pease AFB!

May 4, 2012: A new feature in the FB-111A.net shop has been added! We have added a Paypal button as an easier and faster way to order your FB-111A.net T-shirt.

May 1, 2012: New photos have been added to the FB-111A.net gallery! Our first pics of 68-0261, 68-0277 and 69-6506! And best of all, an excellent photo of 68-0246 wearing a 340th BG crest taken during the RAF Strike Command bombing and navigation competition held in April 1971. Other new photos added in the gallery include 67-7196, 68-0247, 68-0250, 68-0257 and 69-6503.

April 10, 2012: FB-111A.net has received a box of 48 slides taken by various photographers during open houses and private visits on bases. Of particular interest were our first pics of 69-6506 and 68-0261. We also have a new name to ad to the already long list, 'Senior Smoke'. Given to tail 68-0272 in the early eighties at Plattsburgh AFB.

From SMSgt Jim Plemmons (Ret), 509th AMS, two interesting stories to read. 'No rotation on take-off at Pease' and 'Taxiing on ice at Pease' . Don't forget to visit the FB-111A.net page on Facebook!

January 7, 2012: Captain Edward J. Pearce made the news in August 1984 when he passes the 2,000-hours mark in Plattsburgh AFB, NY. Read about it here! . A selection of photos taken during the Open Houses held at Plattsburgh and Pease AFB in the mid-eighties has been added on the site. Photos are courtesy of Tim Doherty from Mass.

In October 1983, members of the 380th Bomb Group of World War II held their second reunion in Plattsburgh and during which the Plattsburgh Military Museum was officially dedicated. Read about it here!

December 13, 2011: A photo of 68-0266 was found in the archives and has been added in the photo-files. 0266 was written off on 14/2/1977 during a training mission and both crewmembers were fatalities. In case you didn't know, FB-111A.net has been on FACEBOOK for quite a while now and has become a popular place since. Join us on Facebook, it's simple, easy and free!

A new link about past and future FB reunions is also posted on the reunion page.

November 23, 2011: Let's start with a sad note to let you know of Steve Harman's passing on November 21. The following was sent by J. Plantikow; All, I am very sorry to have to tell you all this way if you don't already know -- but Steve died yesterday morning at around 0430 am. His daughter and I were with him & the end was peaceful-- although he fought up to the last possible minute. He is being cremated & we'll be scattering his ashes in several places per his wishes-- some here at the house -- estuary & garden since he loved to sit & spend time with both. So to that end we are planning a celebration of life here at the house at 1500(ish)on Friday 25 November.He wanted nothing, so it has to be very informal -- just a gathering to say our goodbyes and share fond memories-- no fancy dress or anything formal. His daughter is making lasagna (which he loved) & we'll have that & some sandwiches & wine and toast his life. There will be 2 others at later dates 1 inOrtingWa around17-18 Decand his remaining ashes will be interred at the Air Force Academy --date to be determined.

You are all invited-- pass the word to folks who you think might be interested in coming-- for even some wine if we run out of lasagna...

Sorry again, thanks to all of you for coming to his party & caring about him, whether or not you can come. .....


From FB-111A.net, our sincere condolences to Steve's family.

October 31, 2011: The website has undergone an overhaul and is back with a new look. Very time consuming and not easy to do when you still have a full time job. Hopefully, I did not forget anything but then again, it could happen. If you notice something wrong and/or missing, please take the time to let me know by e-mail. I don't always have time to answer all messages I receive but I will appreciate your feedback.

The FB-111A.net shop has received new T-shirts in all sizes. Better quality and the color is white instead of grey. It's still time to order before X-mas if you live in CONUS. And for those who are familiar with Internet, become a friend of FB-111A.net on Facebook.

A class photo taken at Carswell AFB was sent by Bob Felts who was among the first group to train on the FB-111A. Bruce Dorrell shares some of its patches from the FB program at Edwards. Bruce worked on the FB from 1977 until 1990 at Pease and Edwards. A nice photo of the arrival ramp at AMARC taken in July 1991 has been added on the AMARC page. No less than 12 F-111s, 5 FB-111A and 1 F-111G are parked on the ramp! And finally, we have a nice photo of 68-0288 from the 380th, taken after arriving for storage at AMARC in 1991

July 21, 2011: The following is from Dave Hindt in regards to a memorial project in W.P. Your Dayton (OH) "Varks and Sparks " are in the INITIAL stages of planning the design, construction, and dedication to the F/FB/EF-111 aircraft, the people that made the community great, and those we lost. The memorial, if constructed, will be placed in the Memorial Park at the National Museum of the United States Air Force (NMUSAF) at Wright Patterson AFB OH. But, before we go too far, we want to make sure that YOU are on-board. Would you like to see a memorial to the -111 at the NMUSAF? Would you like to be involved in the process? Would you be willing to contribute? We'd like to hear from you at F111memorial@yahoo.com . Assuming interest is high enough, we will take the proper steps to establish a not-for-profit foundation to manage the process and funds necessary to get this done (if anyone in the community is an attorney and might like to help, PLEASE let us know). Once the memorial is designed (we're open to great ideas) and fabricated, there will be a formal dedication ceremony at the NMUSAF -- all are invited! So, whether you flew 'em, fixed 'em, or just loved watching them, we'd like to hear from you at F111memorial@yahoo.com <f111memorial> .NOTE: Please add "F-one eleven Memorial" with the email address to your address book to avoid future mailings being filtered as spam.

May 5, 2011: First, a sad note to begin this update! The FB-111A community lost a few members in the first months of 2011. We've been informed that Denny Cole, Kevin Kirsch, Roger Crozat and Edward L'hommedieu passed away. Our condolences to their families.

From JohnCathcart, a FB pilot in Plattsburgh from 83-85, some infos and photos from the 380th. First, a new name for 0270, "Interceptor", and a photo of class 84-01 with Capt. Jim Gentemann (N), Lloyd Rowe (N), Jack Moore (P) and John Cathcart (P). In the 4007th CCTS section, people in ID03 have been indentified as Ed Delulio (N) and Chuck Mc Guirk (P). In ID02, the pilot is Taylor Wilson. A recent photo of 68-0248 on display at Ellsworth has been added. Another photo of 68-0247 'SM' from SALC and 67-7195 are now on the site as well. Both were shot at AMARC.